September 30, 2009

Abhay gossip

The Abhay News flash will hereby become more infrequent, reduced to occasions when our Abhay love is uncontainable and must spill over. Now that AD is accepted to have "arrived" there is sufficient gossip floating about him here, there and everywhere, without our special contribution :)

Meanwhile, Road Movie is doing all the festivals' rounds, moving from Toronto and Venice to Tokyo and Doha. This is definitely the year's most anticipated movie for me- the question remains whether it will be released this year or next. Since there is little news about dates, I am beginning to believe it will indeed be 2010, as rumored. If you believe otherwise, please enlighten me!

September 28, 2009


Title: Wanted
Year: 2009
Cast: Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia, Vinod Khanna, Mahesh Manjrekar, Prakash Raj

So we all know I love Salman, right u'all? and if you haven't caught on, I've a penchant for cinematic violence (and all the video/online games over the years). So when TheBollywoodFan suggested Wanted or What's your Rashee (bet he wasn't serious about that one!), it was a no brainer. The movie was as fun as meeting and chatting it up with TBF!

For the detailed review, see TBF's take on it at his blog.

What did I think of it? See Pros and Cons below- ou will note that I can make a case for either side of the arguement (not that there is any).
  1. Salman, finally being all he can be. Indestructible. Superhuman. Perfect. Worshippable.
  2. Salman again- except in some songs where his Veer (2010?) long-ish hair shows up, he's styled perfectly, and looks 10 yrs younger. Yummy.
  3. Salman yet again- the last shot with a golden, glowing torso- omg. Pardon me while I drool idiotically.
  4. Ayesha, looking really quite perfect, and acting decently as well.
  5. Mahesh Manjrekar and Prakash Raj- both being amazing and eminently dislikeable.
  6. Violence, unadulterated, nothing held back violence- surprisingly cathartic in its intensity. As beautifully choreographed as the dances- Prabhudeva has done brilliantly with his Bollywood directorial debut (thanks for the nitpicking Veracious!). And yet, the violence is almost animated, so there is minimal (if any) trauma.
  7. The beginning credits with blood spatters- fun!
  8. The cinematography and editing- fast paced, beautiful, caressing- its precisely what a brain dead action flick needs.
  9. The songs are forgettable, except for Jalwa, which is worthwhile for Govinda, Anil, Prabhu and Salman jamming it.
  1. The lead actor is so indestructible that he never even gets a scratch?? In a hard core action flick?!
  2. Ayesha is a good actor- we do all remember Dor(2006)- knowing that, I am getting a bit tired of her cutesy roles with limited character arcs.
    Seeing Prakaash Raj die hurts my heart. I love him a lot. Even when he plays villain like he did here.
  3. Seeing Vinod Khanna die is UNACCEPTABLE! you cant kill VK in a movie. Iz wrong. Evil. Painful [tears, wailing, sobbing uncontrollably]
  4. The story is supremely one dimensional- if it wasn't for the editing and cool shots, it'd be a snooze.

I could watch this again. While I wait for the DVD, I'll go play some more Mafia Wars.

September 14, 2009

Road Movie- website

In case you are interested, here is the website

The movie is supposed to get limited release in the US, but no info available yet on the dates.

Photos (from the website) to keep us going....
Happy Abhay

Distrustful Abhay & Satish

His ride, 'cos thats the way he rolls

Appears to be the primary promotional pic- very pretty

September 4, 2009

Road Movie- cant wait

What better excuse to get out of my self-imposed exile than tons of Abhay Deol- related news?

I am incredibly excited, almost gauchely so re: "Road Movie"- there is so much news and gossip flowing here, there and everywhere- the only thing I am certain of is content: Abhay travels through Rajasthan making a movie/documentary/research for the making of movie/documentary, and the folks and situations he meets define his product and his decisions. Fabulous! Cant Wait!

Meanwhile, he is working hard (doesn't he look it?) at Ayesha in Delhi, which he talks about here.

We shall meet again, in blogland or in jannat......