September 29, 2008

TZP'09 bulletin

After last week's initial buzz, discussions about the TZP Oscar entry have dwindled, at least in the print and electronic media. Shekhar Kapur gave some highly lukewarm sounding bytes- or perhaps he was simply misquoted, as we have noted journalists to often do. Aside from his interview, not much news regarding the movie has surfaced over the weekend.

Aamir too hasn't commented yet on his plans at his blog, and therefore his publicity plans are still largely unknown.

To be honest, between the crazy blasts happening on almost a biweekly basis in India, the insane financial markets and my own attempts to issue 3 sets of financials in the coming 2 weeks, I am having some trouble concentrating on Bollywood. I don't doubt you are probably going through the same, or comparative madness.

September 25, 2008

TZP'09- daily bulletin

India West, an Indian/expat news source based out of California had an article on the TZP oscar entry this morning, basically summarising all the buzz about the movie, as well as discussing Lagaan, which had made it to the Top 5.

Meanwhile, the deadline to enter for the Best Foreign Film for the '09 Oscars is fast approaching,and the contenders are lining up.

Also from India, a small but wonderful movie called Tingya, is attempting to make a bid to compete as an independent entry to the Oscars. I am a bit ashamed that I have only just heard of this movie, but will try to track it down in the next few weeks.

September 24, 2008

Daily TZP Oscar update

This will now be a daily (or almost daily, let's be honest here :D) feature, to gauge TZP's oscar progress.

There is a tons of commentary floating about, gauging TZP's chances at the oscars, including fears and hopes.

Aamir himself has spoken about his game plan, and you can hear the man here, and also at BollywoodFan's blog.

All together now: TZP '09!

The Burning Train- the songs.

Aparna and Rum got it right! The Drumroll yesterday was for the uniquely brilliant "The Burning Train," which I am so in love with that it is going to take me more than one post to do it justice. It is perhaps the only true disaster movie to come out of Bollywood, as far as I recall, and with the sizable helping of masala, I find it to be far better than any Hollywood disaster movie from the same period.

This first post is devoted to the songs from the movie, which are all very engaging, foot-tapping numbers. Check out the LP cover- half of reigning Bollywood was cast in this one, to spectacular results. The LP cover was a breakthrough as well- my parents had it when I was a child, and the cover was multi-sided, with 6 (believe this, 6) LP-cover-sized pages of scenes from the movie printed on it- ah if only I could have it now ... [sigh]

To begin with, we have the credits in scenes from the movie, transposed in lurid red, blue and green, with a electro-funk track- giving us a inkling of the fact that this was truly a "different" movie from anything Bollywood had ever done, or would ever do.

As the movie opens, we have another song, which is very 70s-80s masala, and unusual for its co-mingling of very Indian-traditional and disco tracks. We find Dharam and Vinod blown away by breathtakingly gorgeous Hema and Pravin, in Meri Nazar Hai Tujhpe (My eye is on you).

As love blossoms (as it will), we are treated to the two couples, bicycling all over New Delhi- we catch glimpses of the Train Museum, various consulates from Chanakya Puri (my fav- the Malaysian embassy, which was supposed to be Dharam's home in the movie!) and Lodi gardens, among others. The song: Pehli Nazar Mein (The first time I saw you..)

Later, Dharam and Hema frolik to Vaada (Promise), as they are engaged to marry. I don't believe this song was shot in Delhi- I rather believe this is Bangalore.

Things turn serious soon, and there is little time to sing songs until the fateful train is well on its way. Halfway through the journey, the entire passenger body gets together for the rousing, and symbolic Pal do pal ka saath hamara (Our togetherness is fleeting, as is our friendship. We are making this journey together only to part ways when we reach our destination). This is without doubt my favorite song from the movie, and gets me sentimental, knowing what is in store for most of these characters. Goes without saying: Jeetendra and Nitu completely rock their parts. Also watch out for a uncredited cameo by Anand Balraj (the guy Madhuri is engaged to marry in Ram Lakhan).

And now to the final song of the movie, and my least favorite- or perhaps the most, because I am so very affected by it. It is a prayer, Teri hai Zameen Tera Aasman (This earth is yours, as are the skies. You are a kindly God- please give us your your grace). I get weepy-eyed every time I see/hear it, because it is SO sad!!! I can hardly bear it [sob]. And of course Simi is a doll in her trademark pink.

The review coming up next!

September 23, 2008

Drumroll to the greatest movie EVAH

This movie is so full of cool that I can write a book on it- while I gear up to this "event,"- see if you can ID which movie I am talking about- here is Pravin in it, looking fantabulous...

Oscar pick 2009

Finally an Indian Osacar pick that makes some sense: It is Taare Zameen Par, and I have some hope that it may make it to the top 5. Last year's pick was ... oh so very very wrong.

September 13, 2008

Shaan- the watch-beside

Yup, I missed the Shaan-watch along for the 1st of my 3 planned house-warming-s (more excuses to party! wheehee!). After the food was eaten, a bunch of us ended at midnight on a beach 100 miles from here (will NOT tell you where- this IS a public forum, and I don't want the beach IDed :D), listened to live electronica courtesy a bunch of DJs from all over California doing a hush-hush rave, AND then drove back to crash out in bed at 4am.

And the next day, I woke at 10:30am to jump right into rewatching some Shaan.

Having experienced a very surreal 24 hours (as stated above), it seemed right that my review be as loopy as the state of mind it was written in.

Title: Shaan
Year: 1980
Cast: Amitabh Bacchan, Pravin Babi, Shashi Kappor, Sunil Dutt, Rakhi, Shatrughan Sinha, Bindiya Goswami, Johnny Walker, Kulbhushan Kharbanda.

Some Bond-style credits later,

we find out that Sunil Dutt is a cop,

married to Rakhi (looking really pretty here, by the way), and a adorable little daughter.

He has 2 brothers, both con men: Amitabh and Shashi.

Note that there is absolutely no family resemblance between the three brothers- me thinks they were all adopted or had different dads, or SOMEthing.

Amitabh falls in love with Pravin, a con artist (who wouldn't? my husband has had a major crush on her since babyhood- which is cool, since I have had a girl-crush on her since the same time. You have to be already blind to not to be blinded (heeh) by her awesomeness!)

Shashi is in love Bindiya, also a con artist- who is cute, and wears amazing 80s fashions, but is rather overshadowed by Pravin and Rakhi.

Bindiya's uncle is Johnny Walker, who really doesn't get enough chance to exhibit his own awesomeness to the max- with a cast this humongous, it was hardly likely.

Lurking in the back, is the pre-Mogambo, the amazing- SHAKAAL... who keeps sharks floating behind him, and crocodiles beneath him!

Sunil crosses Shakaal, and gets shot for it.

The brothers are joined in their revenge mission by Shatrughan Sinha,

... who seriously is the most macho dude in Bollywood- look at him glower...and glower some more. I really do believe I love him.

So what happens? Do the brothers get their revenge? Do they end up with their pretty girlfriends?

While we are waiting to find out, how about one last dance with the heart-stopping Helen.....

Watch out for:
1- All the James Bond references- from the opening credits, to Sunil's carjacking, to the title song.
2- The chemistry between Amitabh and Shashi, esp. during the initial con scenes, as well as during the car=girl comparison (derogatory, but wth).
3- Sharat Saxena, in a brown leather outfit- I love him, inexplicably. This movie was FULL of my fav character actors, and much fun was had spotting them all.
4- The Shaan song by Pravin- OMG- just look at the woman. Mind-blowingly gorgeous. Who was the idiot who dubbed her "The poor man's Zeenat"???? They must have been on serious drugs :/

Surreal imaginations:
I can help but wonder, what if:
1- Rakhi was eaten, sari and all, by Shakal's crocodile?
2- Amitabh and Shashi decided they had more than brotherly feelings towards each other, and ditched Pravin and Bindiya... for each other?
3- Shakal and Pravin got married, and settled to domesticity- he became a shark-farmer.
4- Bindiya and Johnny took over Shakal's empire.
5- Rakhi's daughter was bought up by Amitabh and Shashi, and grew up to accidentally meet Shatrughan, and wooed and married him- Lamhe (1991) style.

Disclaimer: The Surreal Imaginations above are merely that, and no, I do not indulge in drug abuse :D

September 4, 2008

Shweta's OST

Having caught the bug from Ramsu, and Versacious, I totally had to do this...

For each situation described, you have to come up with song/sthat would apply to these situations in your life.

But it took SO long! I really had to think a lot, an activity I generally attempt to avoid...(heeh)!

Opening credits: Main Hoon Don [Don (2006)]

Waking up: Mangalayaam [Alaipayuthey (2000)]

Average day: Chand taare tod laoon [Yes Boss (1997)]

Falling in love: Couldn't choose between these; :D

Pyar hua chupke se [1942 A love story (1993)]

Pehla Nasha [Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar (1992)]

Love Scene: Yeh haal dil ka idhar ho raha hai [Sarfarosh (1999)]

Fight Scene: Every body is Kung Fu Fighting

Breaking up: Yeh dil na hota bechara [Jewel Thief (1967)]

Getting back together: Aaja aaja mein hoon pyaar tera [Teesri Manzil (1966)]

Life’s ok: Here comes the sun (Beatles)

Mental Breakdown: I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell [Matchbox 20]

Driving: Aaj ki raat hona hai kya [Don (2006)]

Flashback: Na Jaane Kyun [Choti si Baat (1975)]

Partying: Bure Bure [Bluffmaster (2005)]

Happy Dance: "Appadi Podu" [Gillie (2004)]

Regretting: Khoi Khoi Zindagani [Kabul Express (2006)]

Death Scene: Where do you go my lovely [Peter Sarstedt/Darjeeling limited (2007)]

Closing Credits: Ya Ali [Gangster (2006)]