September 28, 2009


Title: Wanted
Year: 2009
Cast: Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia, Vinod Khanna, Mahesh Manjrekar, Prakash Raj

So we all know I love Salman, right u'all? and if you haven't caught on, I've a penchant for cinematic violence (and all the video/online games over the years). So when TheBollywoodFan suggested Wanted or What's your Rashee (bet he wasn't serious about that one!), it was a no brainer. The movie was as fun as meeting and chatting it up with TBF!

For the detailed review, see TBF's take on it at his blog.

What did I think of it? See Pros and Cons below- ou will note that I can make a case for either side of the arguement (not that there is any).
  1. Salman, finally being all he can be. Indestructible. Superhuman. Perfect. Worshippable.
  2. Salman again- except in some songs where his Veer (2010?) long-ish hair shows up, he's styled perfectly, and looks 10 yrs younger. Yummy.
  3. Salman yet again- the last shot with a golden, glowing torso- omg. Pardon me while I drool idiotically.
  4. Ayesha, looking really quite perfect, and acting decently as well.
  5. Mahesh Manjrekar and Prakash Raj- both being amazing and eminently dislikeable.
  6. Violence, unadulterated, nothing held back violence- surprisingly cathartic in its intensity. As beautifully choreographed as the dances- Prabhudeva has done brilliantly with his Bollywood directorial debut (thanks for the nitpicking Veracious!). And yet, the violence is almost animated, so there is minimal (if any) trauma.
  7. The beginning credits with blood spatters- fun!
  8. The cinematography and editing- fast paced, beautiful, caressing- its precisely what a brain dead action flick needs.
  9. The songs are forgettable, except for Jalwa, which is worthwhile for Govinda, Anil, Prabhu and Salman jamming it.
  1. The lead actor is so indestructible that he never even gets a scratch?? In a hard core action flick?!
  2. Ayesha is a good actor- we do all remember Dor(2006)- knowing that, I am getting a bit tired of her cutesy roles with limited character arcs.
    Seeing Prakaash Raj die hurts my heart. I love him a lot. Even when he plays villain like he did here.
  3. Seeing Vinod Khanna die is UNACCEPTABLE! you cant kill VK in a movie. Iz wrong. Evil. Painful [tears, wailing, sobbing uncontrollably]
  4. The story is supremely one dimensional- if it wasn't for the editing and cool shots, it'd be a snooze.

I could watch this again. While I wait for the DVD, I'll go play some more Mafia Wars.


Banno said...

I enjoyed this film thoroughly. Didn't think for a single moment of loopholes in plot or any such thing because I was so busy gaping at Salman Khan.

And Mahesh Manjrekar and Prakaash Raj made such fab villians. Specially Mahesh. He brought back the shudder-inducing revulsion of Prem Chopra at his best.

And I like Ayesha Takia. I like her wholesomeness, cuteness and wish she had had more to do here.

memsaab said...

Mahesh Manjrekar is such a great villain. He could have had a great career in the 60s and 70s playing one! He was one of my favorite things in Slumdog, although he wasn't in it enough.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Banno, Memsaab: Manjrekar makes my flesh crawl! I am glad they gave his character some humor in Wanted, 'cos he'd be positively loathsomely petrifying otherwise (with the humor he's just loathsome :D). I kept having urges to just hug Prakash Raj though- adorable man.

Bollywood said...
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Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

TBF: Con 1 is Pro 1 :) I'm terrified about Veer- I WANT it to be good, but if it is treated like his Suryavanshi (which I beleive he also helped write, like Veer), it wont be pretty! I like braid-dead- very relaxing and comforting :) Its fun going to the movies with you- we agree and disagree!

Bollywood said...
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bollyviewer said...

Vinod Khanna dying (at any age) is totally unacceptable! What were they thinking of? (Not much thinking required in a super-hero film, I guess.) And Mahesh Manjrekar is totally scary - much worse than Prem Chopra and Pran combined!

veracious said...

I really want to see this now that I know more about it!

Nitpicking: not Prabhudeva's directorial debut, just his directorial debut in Bollywood. :)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Bollyviewer: Yes it made me so sad- I closed my eyes at that. Couldnt watch. Love the VK.

Veracious: But of course ur right! Made the change- flubs are integral to my writing. I think you will enjoy the movie- its so relaxing in its mindlessness.

Nicki said...

Sounds like funnn!!! I agree with TBF though your #1 con is my #1, another reason why I love Pokiri, the original

Can't wait to see Sallu. Oh, how I miss him :)

Anonymous said...

Good review Shweta. It would have been good to acknowledge that this is a hindi remake of the super hit telugu movie Pokhiri starring the handsome Mahesh Babu

Beth Loves Bollywood said...



There is no way I'll see this, what with neither violence nor Salman being at all my cup of tea, but I'm always glad to see you writing again!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Nikki: Salman is so invincible in this- I'm sure you will be entirely satisfied, despite the Pokhiri love. Its just so good to see Sallu back.

Anonymous: Of course you are right- I didnt mention it, presuming everyone seeing this is aware of its forerunner- my bad.

Beth: Thank you dost- u and the blogworld are huge bastions of support. Yep, I am pretty certain you wouldnt like this movie at all- you peace-loving SRK-premi you :)

dunkdaft said...

I too loved the con no. 1. It was 'total filmiiii'. And yeah, Aayesha is continually wasted in titbit roles. I am a big fan of her in Dor.

Totally agree about violence. Its not Traumatic at all.

btw, I was shouting [with other members of audience] at that 'Golden Torso' moment :P

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Beth: Sorry forgot- that was a HUGE drawback of Qurbani- As much as I love Firoz, Zeenie's choosing him over VK sealed his doom- :(

Darshit: Heeh I can totally visualize the cheers on the last scene :D Seeing this in Hindustan would be a toally brilliant experience!

talevizos said...

I have to say, I found this movie almost unwatchable for a lot of reasons, but the main one is how much of a steroidal freak Salman Khan has become. The same way it's hard to watch anorexic women on the runway, it's hard to watch someone who has abused himself to such an extent with muscle-building drugs. Come on: The guy looks inflated! Did you notice that the unnatural thickness of his neck forced him to swivel his whole body when he wanted to look to the side? And it's especially pathetic if you remember how normal he used to look Now he's like Sylvester Stallone, only SK's on track to end up looking worse. Of course, he's not the only one screwing up his looks; check out the once-surpassingly beautiful John Abraham in NEW YORK. He's halfway to hulkdom as well.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

oh wow- that is so sad. I am hoping tho that Sallu isnt all on steroids- maybe he lets up once in a while? I've NO idea on precisely how steroids wk (must wiki), but here's hoping Salman lays off if he's indeed been ODing. John can do just as he pleases tho- not a fan :)