December 31, 2010

my top 5 filmi songs of 2010

Its the last day and last blog post of the year, so sending it off and welcoming the new year with a song or 5 is in good form. I've included songs here that I listen to all the time, and favorites may be a bit different. Note that I tend to like happy-peppy songs- no gentle/romantic/weepy numbers here :)

Munni Badnam Hui (Dabangg)
I dance around at home all the time, and this is how I dance around at home usually- Salman's moves. Honestly, my husband saw the movie and was surprised at how Salman knew my steps exactly :D

Keda Keda (Raavanan)
Hated the Hindi lyrics to this song, but the Tamil sounds good, and I'm hoping its better than the Hindi. Besides, this is my favorite choreography this year. So short, but Vikram and Priyamani's chemistry shines.

Beera (Raavanan)
What else? Beera forever!

He's a good looking ullu da pattha (Tere Bin Laaden)
What a fun movie, and what a fun song!

Gal meethi meethi bol
OK this is AS romantic as I can get. Teeny bit romantic, but very happy-peppy. And Abhay with twinkling dimples- eeps!

Happy new year everyone!