July 27, 2007

What to see...

Now that the whole summer movie wave is over, I am at a bit of a loss of what to see next; looking for 60s-70s Bollywood movies, which are usually campy and fun (Bindu! Pran! Helen!). Also moving house, preparing for a test and dividing time between 5 separate audits- so a bit crushed for time.

Read "....Deathly Hallows" a couple of days ago- which left me wildly wanting to know what the heck happened to the Durseleys and the rest of the Weasleys, and who the heck married Draco- felt bad for that kid when it was all over. Not so much for Snape though- if anything, I admired his guts. Have you read it yet? Do you have questions bothering you from the book?

Gotta line up more Indian movies to see.... :) Suggestions people?

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