August 18, 2007

Week(s) from hell

Its not that I am not watching movies- I've actually managed to see 2 despite all the craziness going on, but I've no time to post a decent review!

Here is what is going on:
Finally got officially promoted to Senior Auditor- though have been acting in that capacity since February. Helped my parents move house this morning, then painted the apartment I am moving to next week (along with sainted husband and loving friend Steve). Then buying a new car tomorrow (hopefully tomorrow- cant decide on another Corolla or a Camry- we'll see- depends on price). Have 2 deadlines next week to wrap up 2 entire audits in 2 entirely different industries.Then gotta move apartments for good next Saturday- when 50% of the house isn't packed yet! (AAAGHHH)

Enough said- I need a Tylenol PM now to crash out.


babaganoush said...

congratulations on the promotion and all the best for the new car and home...

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Thanks so very much! Your good wishes give me encouragement.

babaganoush said...

Saw Chak De India on the advice of friends and indeed loved the movie, frankly never really liked SRK but was impressed with his performance this time.

I specially liked the first part relating to regional stereotyping. any one having lived in Delhi can understand the about the problems faced by NE girls and interaction of Jats and Sardars and Jharkhandis was funny ...

I thought that the take on that Cricket player related to Yuvraj Singh? wonder if you knew about the recent hungama at his birthday party and then his breakup (or more like dumping) a starlet? that guy surely behaves like a creep!!

Okay we went to a full house Friday night which surprisingly had about 30-40 pure breed aussies watching the show.. they surely loved the drama but dint get what was the big deal about winning or loosing the finals!! I guess the sporting genes in the locals are too strong for them to take winning or loosing to heart!!

BTW another sport based movie is forthcoming (saw the trailer) and this one relates to a desi football club from Southall..

Would surely recommend you to watch Chak De....

Lovely Car, just love the colour. Whats with Indians abroad and Toyota cars? I think the two are meant inseparable!!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

So "Chak De" is actually good huh? I am not a SRK fan either, so maybe it is time to keep aside all those prejudices I have devolped over the years and be brave and see it- but not till september. He seriously irritates me though. That wrinkling forehead, that beguiling look in his eyes- ugh- gimme Sallu's swinging waist and winking eye anyday :D rofl

The Toyota is a easy one- using a generalization: American cars suck, Korean cars are sort of reliable, European cars are expensive to maintain. That leaves Japanese cars as your most reliable option, and most immigrants tend to prefer those. I have driven a Corolla for 6 yrs, and drive a lot, so getting another one was an easy temptation to succumb to.

babaganoush said...

offcourse completely agree with you Re SRK... I had the chance to watch him perform in KBC-II (the Who wants to be a millionaire-Indian version!!) and he was just intolerable, even in small doses..

well one interesting blog write-up on this movie states that SRK has let the screen play take prioroty this time. indeed its a worth watch, especially if you can manage a theatre viewing.

on Toyota, you would be surprised to know that Indians world wide are such big fans of Toyota, that when the car was itself launched in India, it became a top seller, despite it being double the price than most western countries (due to it being assembled in India and therefore attracting a 100% duty).

i guess Indians are second to none in terms of identifying a performer!!