September 25, 2008

TZP'09- daily bulletin

India West, an Indian/expat news source based out of California had an article on the TZP oscar entry this morning, basically summarising all the buzz about the movie, as well as discussing Lagaan, which had made it to the Top 5.

Meanwhile, the deadline to enter for the Best Foreign Film for the '09 Oscars is fast approaching,and the contenders are lining up.

Also from India, a small but wonderful movie called Tingya, is attempting to make a bid to compete as an independent entry to the Oscars. I am a bit ashamed that I have only just heard of this movie, but will try to track it down in the next few weeks.


Bollywood said...
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Unknown said...

There couldn't have been a better choice than TZP for this year!

And I'm hearing about 'Tingya' for the first time too *hangs head in shame* :P

Banno said...

Oh, you must see 'Tingya'. I haven't either, but have heard only good things about it. And some of my friends have worked on it.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Arantxa: Agreed on both counts :D

Banno: I am looking for it- it is turning out hard to find a copy here- we are a bit behind I guess :S