January 22, 2009

Happy for Slumdog, sad for Taare

While Slumdog's nominations made us very very happy, the fact that Taare didn't make the cut does hurt us more than a little bit.

And it isn't just us who have been cribbing about the lack of marketing the movie got- for a movie this lauded, with the right push, it would have done so much better. :(

Now if Rahman gets the Oscar, all will be right in my world again :)

PS: I am really overwhelmed w/ wk (its busy season AND my manager left!) and not posting too much. I have a huge backlog of movies to write about, but screenshots take time, and usually I am way too sleepy or just plain sick when I get home- hopefully I will have posted the insane "Karma" this weekend.


Bollywood said...
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Anonymous said...

And Gulzar's been nominated, too! Yippee!!!! :-)

Yup, screen-capping is the biggest time-suck EVER. The more you take, the less satisfied you are with the ones you do have! Here's hoping your workload gets less stressful and we get to see more insane screencaps. :-)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Bollyfan: Still sad :P And still convinced that better marketing, and focusing on a release here would have helped. Ah well.

Bollyviewer: With ur encouraging words, I got into the spirit and churned em out! Lord knows that's a heck of a movie to screencap :D