December 28, 2010

my top 5 Filmi ladies of 2010

I love being a woman, and identify with strong, sexy, womanly, fearless soul sisters. Here are my favorite ladies of 2010. Show us some love!

Priyamani in Raavan/Ravanan
Great bit of acting. She retained the character's sensibilities in both languages and did it brilliantly. I want to see her in more movies.

Sonakshi in Dabangg Finally, a young woman who doesn't look cookie cutter. She actually stood her ground in a movie filled with folks like Salman, Vinod, Dimple and Sonu- reason enough for her to be here. She gives me hope.

Dimple in Dabangg So urbane in her real life persona, and yet so perfect in a very rural character. I was probably just really happy to see her, and for that reason, she is on my list!

Malaika in Dabangg

Can you be a mom in your late 30s and dance like that ? Since most of us couldn't (or shouldn't) I have her on this list.

Vidya in Ishkiya Hot, earthy, strong and so very very deliberate. Unarguable.


dustdevil liz said...

Love it!
Who'd have thunk that a Salman Khan star vehicle would not just one but three awesome female performances?
(And I have to say that Zarine Khan was actually one of the better parts of the cheese-tastic "Veer."

Shellie said...

I'm gonna take a stab and say Dabangg was one of your fav movies of the year too?! As well it should be. It was hard to stand your female ground in the testosterone charged masala flick, but those ladies were firm! Also love Vidya in Ishqiya! She was magnificent in that film (another of my fav's of the year!)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Dustdevil liz: thanks! andpoor Veer- [shudder]- to think we all watched it for Salman!

Shell: I thought Dabangg was good, but could have been wayyy better. Terrible editing making the narrative incoherent. That said, im willing to line p for Dabangg 2 right now...:)

dunkdaft said...

Priyamani ! Right on. I doubt abt Sonakshi though. She did not get much footage in all male movie, where in same case Vidya scored. Such a hottie in saaree. Another fav of mine was Aish in Guzaarish. Wallah ! She made me, a non-fan, drool.

Deepika was nice in Break ke baad, carried movie along. And year ended on high note with 'patakha' Anushka Sharma in Band Baaja Baarat. She was outstanding besides the fact tht hero was awesome too.

Banno said...

Nice! I'd add Anushka Sharma in 'Band Baaja Baaraa'. Spunky, hot-tempered, ambitious, unapologetic.

Louella said...

Check out Paruthiveeran, Priyamani was dashing there and won National Award :)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Dunkdaft & Banno: Band Baaja Baraat seems to be a unaimous suggestion! I have never admired Anushka, but its obvious that I should see the movie and change my mind. thanks!

Louella: That sounds really great- I will look for Paruthiveeran this weekend.

Filmi Geek said...

I need to see Dabangg.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Flmi Geek: You definitely do. Chances are though, you may like individual actors more than the whole.