September 4, 2007

California burning

Its hotter than Hades here (though I am not certain how hot it exactly is in Hades).

This has probably been the hottest Labor Day weekend ever, with temperatures zooming to 118 degrees on Sunday! I did get in some movies: Chak De, Eklavya and My Father Gandhi. Will begin postings on each by tonight.

The weekend was great- relaxed and worked on the new apartment a bit more. We decided that we wanted all the living-room furniture to be stained Ebony, and my friend Steve not only convinced us to do it ourselves, but also pitched a hand in. Let me tell you that it is really not my idea of fun to refinish wood- I am intrinsically lazy when it comes to moving my limbs, and hard work to me is normally defined by 12 hours or more of computer time, not sweating in the sun :)
We finished it though, and it does look suprisingly good.

Lots of cooking is more in my line (see? I AM a total loser- I actually have fun swirling stuff around stuff in pots and pans). To my credit, I do now have a kitchen that is huge, bright and pretty well ventilated. Here is the good stuff I cooked this weekend:
1- Dal Makhani- different kinds of lentils cooked together in a tomato-based sauce, with lashings of ghee. Yummy but very rich- wisely took half home to dad.
2- Japanese curry with Shitake mushrooms, lamb, green onions- very very good. This has to be my favorite food of all time- right next to pho. Quite low-cal too.
3- Mooli (Daikon radish) ke parathe- flat bread stuffed with daikon- so darned good! I actually hadn't bought flour in like a year and a half (OK OK- I am properly ashamed mom!) and was making do with Trader Joe's Rotis and Naan. But figured since it was a long weekend, would make the effort. This was a total success- hubby became romantic with one bite :D rofl. Makes me almost contemplate making gobhi (cauliflower) ke parathe next weekend... a definite maybe on that one.

Wont describe the breakfast and salads- not scrumptious enough.

On hindsight, should have slept some more...thank God this is a short week.

Coming up: Chak De India!


Anonymous said...

ahem! Hades (the greek version of hell) was not hot at all :)

However the biblical version of Hades was hot

Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Dal makhani is my favorite-est (it even needs a new word to describe it) but I am inconsistent at best as a cook and have never dared try to make it. Perhaps if you tell me how... ;)