September 25, 2007

Oscar Heart Attack!!!



"Eklavya" ( mentioned a few weeks ago on these pages is India's entry to the Oscars for this year!!!

I am in serious shock- granted, the movie has great visuals, good costuming- but the plot is rather thin, and it simply isn't as high quality as a LOT of other Indian cinema this past year!

My only hope is that "The Namesake" ( makes it to the Oscars as a UK entry- that one could actually win.....It got a lot of buzz upon release in the States, with Independent cinemas showing it for the longest time and book stores putting the print version on special display for the duration. A lot of folks appreciated it for the real emotion of the immigrant experience it carried.

I'll go back to moaning with disbelief now, while crossing my fingers for "The Namesake" (and of course dear Tabu and Irfan).

Aside: Is the Film Federation of India on drugs?

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