September 29, 2008

TZP'09 bulletin

After last week's initial buzz, discussions about the TZP Oscar entry have dwindled, at least in the print and electronic media. Shekhar Kapur gave some highly lukewarm sounding bytes- or perhaps he was simply misquoted, as we have noted journalists to often do. Aside from his interview, not much news regarding the movie has surfaced over the weekend.

Aamir too hasn't commented yet on his plans at his blog, and therefore his publicity plans are still largely unknown.

To be honest, between the crazy blasts happening on almost a biweekly basis in India, the insane financial markets and my own attempts to issue 3 sets of financials in the coming 2 weeks, I am having some trouble concentrating on Bollywood. I don't doubt you are probably going through the same, or comparative madness.


ajnabi said...

Personally, I find it a lot easier to engage in Bollywood than CNN when times get rough--is there a term like Bolly-denial? LOL

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

haha- I would happy do Bolly-denial- but my neurotic boss, who has developed ulcers since yesterday's 700 drop, accentuates the pain :)