April 6, 2009

Where am I?

Right here, but too busy to blog (gasp!) Work is finally winding down sometime this week, so hope to begin posting soon.

That doesn't mean I have been upto nothing: Socha Na Tha has been seen, and am really torn between Abhay's winning smile (amazing) and his stylist, who should be shot (honestly). Ms Takia, was splendid (turns out she ISN'T leaving Bollywood, just becoming more choosy about what she acts in- yay).

Also this past weekend was particularly brilliant- spent Saturday afternoon watching Guru Dutt's forgotten rom-com-noir (!) "12 O'Clock" with The Bollywood Fan- a tiny Blogger meetup.

Also saw 13B- flawed, but good- besides, its Madhavan :)

That said, back to work.


JJC said...

i loved Socha na tha..they were so cute together and a confused abhay deol made me laugh

bollyviewer said...

I sometimes wonder why bolly-blogging isnt a paid occupation. It would at least put a stop to work interfering with blogging! I am in the same boat as you at the moment, and cant see the situation changing any time soon. :-(

Here's hoping for more posts, sooooon!

PS: 12 O'Clock is marvelous! Guru Dutt+Waheeda Rehman+Rehman+great songs - how can one go wrong with that combo?

Bhargav Saikia said...

Socha Na Tha is a nice little movie!

I hated 13B though..I guess you've seen my 1.5 star rating :D

P.S. Do watch Little Zizou, if you haven't already. I'm pretty sure you'll like it :)

Crazy on Bollywood said...

Socha na Tha isn't a bad choice.Have you seen Dev D?

dunkdaft said...

Aayesha is not leaving :DDD

And quick..Socha Na tha...pleeeeeese

Bollywood said...
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Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

JJC: Agreed on both counts!

Bollyviewer: Hai that would be so wonderful- I want to write 24-7! I do hope u get a chance to write soon- I miss the regular doses of ur humor :) 12o'clock was pretty decent- I am falling more in love w/ Guru Dutt than ever.

Bhargav: Honestly, I can tolerate almost anything w/ Madhavan, even the terrible "rehna hai tere dil mein" zizou i will watch- thanks.

Crazy On Bollywood: yep, I'd say so- just look in the "Bollywood Reviews" section on the left. here are all the links as well: http://apnieastindiacompany.blogspot.com/2009/02/dev-d.html, http://apnieastindiacompany.blogspot.com/2009/02/random-thoughts-on-dev-d-lovers.html, http://apnieastindiacompany.blogspot.com/2009/02/dev-d-revisited.html, http://apnieastindiacompany.blogspot.com/2009/03/dev-d-and-its-tributes-to-last-devdas.html

Darshit: good news, innit? :D need to rewatch SNT and screencap now.

TBF: Maybe its Ayesha and Mahima's eyes and mannerisms- I can def see that. It was so much fun talking to u and watching the movie! The Priety movie was hilarious- had we finished it, I am certain we'd have laughed through all the supposed pathos :)

Nicki said...

I totally understand! Been busy too! I need to get paid to blog, haha