April 11, 2007

Anwar - best avoided

So I was seduced- by all the positive reviews and the haunting maula mere maula- but the movie, at least for me, does not live up to its hype.

Anwar is a complete loser- he initiates the string of events that result in the death and destruction of the woman he is infatuated with, and that of her boyfriend/husband, and follows it with broodings filled with self pity. (but then i never liked whiney guys- but thats another blog!). This really is the central plot.

The supporting cast is much more interesting: Yashpal Sharma envokes amazing empathy(which Anwar (Siddharth Koirala) faily to create) as the police officer in charge of the "situation"- the protoganist, anwar, has sought shelter from the rain in a shrine that is communally sensitive, and has been mistaken for a terrorist by the local media, police and fundamentalists. The movie is spent in flashbacks, wth the characters remembering situations that have bought them to this point of time. Yashpal's angst is palpable- he is duty bound while his wife lies on her deathbed at home. Manisha Koirala comes back with a sensible act after a string of pedestrian B-movies as a TV journo covering Anwar's standoff, with romantic troubles of her own....

With a weak central story overshadowed by strong subplots, Anwar tries too hard- avoid.

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