April 26, 2007

Just a filler

I realized that I haven't been very true to my initial ambitions for this blog- instead of sticking to Bollywood, we, at Apni East India Company, have been dabbling both in Chinese movies (Chinnywood anyone?) and Hollywood. But movies are movies, and so how can a movie fanatic stick to just one industry (love has no boundaries, etc.). As far as cooking goes, been doing tons of that, but haven't had time to post either pix or commentary.

I have also found that my blog attracted some unsolicited attention. A dude keeps posting comments, some of which border on offensive, while others qualify as down right nasty. The fact remains, that in a world of free speech, this blog is a voice to my personal likes and dislikes. I am not imposing these on anyone, nor twisting any one's arm to read this. Do not visit this site if you don't want to! He also seems offended I do not post each one of his comments- but dude it my blog-see? I will moderate any abusive, offensive comments, get? Also, I do not see where in the web page I have promised historical accuracies of any kind- no monsieur you are mistaken- zis is not the History channel- pleez viseet zis site http://www.history.com/ for zat. ;)

Better get back to work- audit calling. Some head honcho genius at work decided to do a Office lunch tomorrow, and grant us the rest of the day off. Bullshit- this drudge will be back at work for sure :) On the same note, was forwarded this by a colleague-
- rest assured, this wont happen soon to yours truly- between my love for food and refusal to exercise, I am beginning to look like a tiny baby whale.

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