April 28, 2007

Hat Trick- I think I understand why

Thank you for your comment Violet.

Well folks, believe it or not, I took the fact that I disliked Hat Trick rather seriously. I mean here are some really good actors in a really bad movie. And I finally hit upon what was fundamentally wrong. The premise of the movie was essentially the backdrop of the cricket world cup. However, the Paresh Rawal story had no really connection with cricket, with the exception of Paresh watching it a few times- the whole cricket angle was esomewhat forced. Cricket was also not essential to the Danny-Nana story- Danny might have been an ex-cop, don or from any other profession- the whole ploy of watching the world cup after his operation also appeared not essential to the storyline.

Anyhow- enough on this movie- next up is Shukriya- this one promises to be the high budget, low talent bollywood potboiler that I enjoy disliking the best- delicious!

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