April 27, 2007

Hat Trick- or whatever it is called- who cares anymore




Why in the name of God was this movie ever made.

3 Stories take place against the backdrop of the cricket world cup.

Story 1:
Paresh Rawal is a immigrant in the UK, an ardent fan of the Indian cricket team and working on his British citizenship. A sympathetic wife, a rebellious daughter, a disagreeable citizenship officer and a fish-out-of-water syndrome have pushed him to a point where his only solace is watching the world cup. This is perhaps the most irritating short in the movie, maybe because it is very true for a lot of the Indian community abroad, that I have witnessed personally, and it makes me sad. When he hits rock bottom, his wife makes him see the truth and his own limitations. In the end, he doesn't want the citizenship anymore, but gets it anyway, and is welcomed back to his community and family.
Story 2:
Nana Patekar is a doctor in a government hospital, whose work is pretty much his life. He dislikes cricket, which is basically chalked up to him being portrayed as a general killjoy. Danny Denzongpa, with failing kidneys, ends up a patient his hospital. They argue over Danny being able to watch the world cup, which Nana hates. This short is loosely lifted from Anand, with Danny, a dying man, bringing light to Nana's life, the way Rajesh Khanna interacted with Amitabh in the older movie. Of course by the end of the movie, Nana has become the loving husband and father that we all knew was coming. Danny too has his operation, and is on the path to recovery.
Story 3:
Rimi and Kunal are in love and marry. His love for cricket begins to drive her away, when she gets into the act and tries to watch the game with him. When she begins to swoon over a cricketer while watching the game, he gets jealous, to the point that they begin to discuss divorce. They separate, learn a few home truths and the fact that they cant do without each other (he gets gyan from his mom, she from the friend who had encouraged her cricketer crush) and get back together again. And yes, Kunal has a scene where he gets into the act as a male stripper for Rimi and her friends- ladies we can always appreciate that one. Rimi was not irritating- normally that is not the case, therefore this was a pleasant reprieve.
Honestly, the movie didn't do much for me. Which surprised me, since I respect all the actors involved (WHO can NOT love Kunal/Nana/Paresh?)- why doesn't this movie work?
Maybe because:
1- Story 1: When did citizenship officers begin to stalk the folks whom they are supposed only to interview? And take a personal interest in their life? And invite them to pubs to see them? And end up at their citizenship party??? I understand that the last 2 are actually against the law.
2- Story2: Nana should stop doing roles where he acts the "stern" guy- be it police officer/doctor/don-the occupation appears interchangeable. He is a brilliant actor, but the act only inspires feelings of deja vu.
Even then- it wasn't bad- but not a gem by any definition either. Very lukewarm reaction to the movie- still don't know why I saw it- there are many better ways of killing time. It was very good to see Danny though- got to catch some more of his 70s movies (he was HOT in The Burning Train).

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violet vervet said...

well i think i'll give the hat trick a miss. sounds lame. thanks for the tip....................