June 25, 2008

Summer Movies III

Third edition (or is it the fourth?) of Summer Movies 2008.... this is turning out to be a pretty good year for Hollywood, and I am looking forward to July's releases as well.


Title: Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Chrystal Skull
Year: 2008
Cast: Harrison Ford, Shea LeBeof

How can a Indiana Jones movie be bad?
But even the highly improbable stunts (sword fighting in a jeep going at top speed in the Amazon? Aliens in South America?) are believable compared to Shea's portrayal of Indy's son. Seriously. Not. Impressed. by. Shea.

1- Harrison Ford
2- Cate Blanchett

1- Shea LeBeouf

Conclusion: One more, and probably the last of the Indiana series- do not complain of its shortcomings and be satisfied with what you have been provided, says Yoda.


No complaints

Title: Get Smart
Year: 2008
Cast: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson

A spy spoof with Steve- what's not to love? Since I can watch the ex-postman in any movie or TV, I laughed happily through the movies. I am going to try getting the 60s TV series' DVDs as well.

1- Steve and Dwayne
2- Surprisingly good chemistry between Steve and Dwayne, and Steve and Anne.

1- Not the most memorable of story lines.

Conclusion: If you are a Steve Carell fan like me, by all means, see it in theatres now, but be prepared for the forgettable plot. If you aren't, wait for the DVD.

Title: Kung-Fu Panda
Year: 2008
Cast: A panda, a panther, ducks, rhinos, pigs.....

Its a familiar story of a misfit recognizing his place under the sun and turning out the winner.

1- It may be a familiar plot, but v freshly treated.
2- Better than ever animation- beautiful scenery- MAJORLY beautiful scenery.
3- During the movie, I felt real empathy with the characters- something I seldom feel even in non-animated movies. I identify the most w/ Panda I've decided- we even look sort-of similar I think.....:)

1- Not the most memorable of story lines.

Conclusion: Really hear-felt, and absolutely worth seeing in the theatre- the DVD wont feel the same, so just go see it if you haven't already!


Bollyviewer said...

Have been meaning to watch Get Smart more because of Anne Hathaway (yup I am kiddish enough to have loved the two Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted) than Steve Carell and because the story sounded funny. Looks like I had better wait for the DVD.

ajnabi said...

My husband went to see Indiana Jones and *hated* it. Such a bummer. But Kung Fu Panda looks like fun! If it comes to the drive-in theater the whole family might have to be loaded up to watch it.

Anonymous said...

I do want to see Get Smart, but since Hindi films take up so much time I don't know that I'll get to it :-)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Not kiddish at all Bollyviewer- I secretly love the Princess diaries too, so I insist :D - I thought she was pretty decent in The Devil Wears as well. She is as gorgeous as ever here; the thing with Smart if that after leaving the theatre, I just didnt really remember it anymore, and by the next morning it completely escaped my mind.

Ajnabi: It IS a bit painful to see Ford jumping and leaping at his age :D As for Kung-Fu Panda, I've been pulling faces like Po the Panda ever since I walked out of the theatre...:)

Memsaab: but its a good year and a good time for fun Hollywood! try try... rofl

Banno said...

Yes, 'Crystal Skull' was really so-so. Will see 'Get Smart' this weekend. The Panda film is not here yet. So have to wait for the DVD, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Indiana Jones was okay - I had read enough reviews to have really low expectations :) But I loved Kung-fu Panda. It is very much in the Rataouille mold. Both movies, imo, are watchable again.