June 13, 2007

Still surviving

Am still surviving folks- not dead yet, just no time to blog.
Have barely cooked, and watched some movies, but dont have enough to blog about.
Lots of family stuff happening, and a downpour of work.

As you know, I spent last week in Tennessee (turned out it wasn't as quiet a small town as I thought...). This week am back in Pasadena, and next week will be in St Louis, Missouri- not looking forward to that. as I recall from last year, St. Louis is just barely going through revitalization, and has a way to go. Then half of July will be in San Diego, with early August in Baton Rouge- just in time for hurricane season (NOT lucky me).
OTHER auditors have a laid back summer- OTHER NORMAL people take summer vacations..
but the insanity isn't bad- just got to roll with the punches here.

My only concern is the hubby- and I marvel at how my dear sainted husband handles this- he is a model of patience- couldn't have managed with any other man. Our 2nd anniversary is coming up end of July, when I'll probably still be travelling- had originally planned to take vacation and do something fun, but had to cancel cos of work again... oh well- we'll still have a weekend. And I WILL refuse if they try to call me in to work on that weekend!

Meanwhile, to keep urself amused, check out this guy:
He is "Thai Elvis" - not a bad voice really, but the appearance is amazingly cheesy- features at the Palms Thai restaurant in Hollywood, which is a good spot for us late night folks.

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