February 16, 2009

Dev D: revisited

Yup, Sunday evening found us back at the broken down Indian theatre, in line for tickets to Dev D- again :D We convinced the husband to see it again, who really does like the movie (and Kalki) and some of our friends were over, who were talked into going as well :D

The second time around, the newness had worn off, so we could see more into the movie than just sit entranced.

There is a lot of black humor in the movie. But consider: we fall in love, and assume that our we have invented the "L" word. Then there is heart-break, and most of us over-dramtize: tears, accusations fly, there may be some alcohol involved, and make successfully make mini-Devd-asses of ourselves. Once the entire episode has blown over, and we are with someone again, the sorrow is gone and it is hard to imagine why we were ever "in love" with that individual. Anurag Kashyap captures this sentimental, foolish part of our nature really well and presents it bare, and therefore the movie is hard to watch in places.

Of course it is fiction: the characters, though realistically treated, are definitely borrowed from fantasy: A kind-hearted pimp, a prostitute who controls her client list and decides when to leave the business, and hotel-owners who dont rob you when you leave your room open and unattended!

And guess what? The guys liked the movie! Convinced 2 people- here's hoping I can get more people to channel the Dev-love. Come on folks- see it!


ajnabi said...

I will just as soon as I can! Promise!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Ajnabi: You rock! :D My obsession about this movie is making me feel v weird. Is this how u feel about Shahid???? :O

Nicki said...

Wow,obsess...but that's a good thing! I think I should just go watch it for you!!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Nicki: You are so nice! :D im obsessing im obsessing :D

Bhargav Saikia said...

Oh cool! I'm yet to see DevD. Like I said earlier, it hasn't released in the UK :(

dunkdaft said...

The second time around, the newness had worn off, so we could see more into the movie than just sit entranced.

Well said...I love rewatching movies..this one I loved when watched again :-)

Dev D Fan Club anyone ? :-D

ajnabi said...

LOL No, but it is the way I feel about Jab We Met (I know, not one of your faves). Everyone must see it! It is filmi jadoo!

Damozel said...

I went into Dev D because of Abhay Deol and sat entranced through it. The film is such a revelation! I think Dev D shows Bollywood can make this kind of dark and raw as reality film. The story telling was tight - even though we know how the story of Devdas goes, there were such realistic twists of the characters. I loved the portrayals of the bit-characters. I thought the acting was tops - I was mesmerised with the confidence that the two female leads showed in their portrayals. Abhay Deol has a wide range and it is unfortunate that he is so underused by Bollywood. But he is a brave actor and he will find his kind of projects. The music was thrilling and 'Emotional Atyachaar' is a piece of genius. I can gush and gush...as you can guess, I loved it :D I have spent the past few days urging my friends and colleagues to go and watch it. I hope more people do.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Bhargav: I remember- :( its so sad. Its going to be available On Demand w/ Sky/Dish soon, but its really not the same.

Darshit: Totally in for the fan club- go DevDians!

Ajnabi: I am now beginning to understand- its weird being caught unawares :D

Damozel: Alright! Hopefully more people get to share the Dev spirit before the movie is whisked away to "On Demand" and DVD-land. I so agree- Abhay is sorely underused.