February 22, 2009

Oscars '08- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AR Rahman's Oscar performance

AR Rahman's Oscar performance

AR Rahman's Oscar performance

AR Rahman's Oscar performance

-BRILLIANT is too small a word.

Apart from all the Oscars that Slumdog won, AR Rahman's performance was the icing on the cake.

Hugh Jackman, looking uber hot, commented that the musical has come back- if we build on that, could we dare imagine that in the next Bond movie, the femme fatale could have a little item number? or maybe the next Potter movie could have a "Pehla Nasha" style first-love song? or maybe the next Leo-Kate movie would be a SRK-Kajol equivalent?
I am of course being premature, but 10 years ago, we would not have imagined such strong Bolly-representation at the Oscars, so it is good to have wild dreams.

Jai Ho Slumdog!

PS: Wasn't Frieda Pinto looking amazing?

PPS: I am already contemplating the Indian entry for Oscars '09- and of course I believe Dev D would be the best choice- nah- that's too much of a dream perhaps- yet.

PPPS: Miffed about the makeup and art awards- totally think Hellboy II deserved at least 1 of those, esp. the art Oscar- ah well.

PPPS: Anil looked AMAZING!!!! That man was SMOKING that tuxedo, and how cute were those earrings?

PPPPS: Kate Winslet's win was a foregone conclusion, but while she always looks lovely, tonight she looked truly stellar- I love how she usually wears blue, and yet always makes it look so unusual and so fabulous.

PPPPPS: And it was a total of 8 Oscars in the end for Slumdog! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The speech for best movie is still on, and check out the crowd on the stage- fabulousness :D

PPPPPPS: The unheard of "Smile Pinki" got best short documentary, with "The Final Inch" a close contender- both with strong Indian themes- alas, there is a next to nothing chance I'll get to see them, but ah well. It was a very satisfying Oscar night.

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Nicki said...

Love your P to the 100th power lists. :)

I am so happy Slumdog Millionaire took 8 awards. Yah!!