February 19, 2009

More Abhay News!

Yes I have been doing other stuff than net-stalking Abhay- working late every day and also been watching movies: finished Laawaris (1981) last night, and am beginning to understand the power of the Bacchan (finally).

BUT- I had to stop and update "Abhay News."

So apparently Abhay is planning to shunt between NY and Bombay, and taking the Welding class/workshop at the Art Students League of New York - how cool an idea is that? Did I say I love him to death? I can repeat that again, np.

Meanwhile, Dev D has apparently made up its costs and is doing fairly well. Should you care for Wallpapers, the most I have found are right here.


dunkdaft said...

Oh, that Welding news I got from MTV Tickr. I thought it was a joke. But now its true, it would be interesting to know whats reason behind that.

Ally Khan looks Hot.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Darshit, I think a lot of Hollywood stars do stuff like this. Aki Narula told me once that many ppl from Bollywood-land go do summer programs at schools in the US/UK (which maybe why they later protray as all indian students being in "Oxford" or "Harvard"- though they usually land up at SUNY :D, but its usually kept quiet (not sure why). So maybe he is just the first person in BWood to be open about it. Dont understnad why others arent though.