November 14, 2007

Thinking...(yes sometimes I do :D)

I have received a lot of solace from this blog- an opportunity to air out my thoughts, vent my reactions. So much so, that I have been thinking, more and more often, about other venues of self-expression.

I am an artist, but haven't done any significant work for about 7 years now. That said, I have new paper and pastels in a corner of my bedroom waiting for me to begin on them. Why do I hesitate? Having not picked up a pastel in years, and I am undecided on a subject. All I can think of right now is oceans of color, and the female form- I am considering travel and poster -style art...anyone have any bright ideas?

Have also been reading a fair bit: I was introduced to "The Cat Who..." series by Irina, a co-worker, and I have done the series in full. There is little literary value here, but the novels are entertaining and make decent bed-side reading. I am eagerly awaiting the allegedly last book in the "Dune" series due out in a few months, or so the grape vine suggests. Am re-reading the Lord of the Rings- that is always relaxing. I am looking for Sam Pepys' diary...cant seem to get my hands on it yet....And I am pulling a childhood favorite from the library: Dr Doolittle! Will begin those this weekend, and hopefully be done with those before the India trip. I love reading for the joy of it!

Gosh- not a word about movies! I know "Om Shanti.." and "Saawariya" just came out, but I rather abhor Sharukh (despite "Chak de", yes) and am afraid of Saawariya- Salman I hear isnt portrayed very well, which kills it for me.


Anonymous said...

creativity is both a curse and an outlet... why don't you paint about the recent California fires?

BTW The Diary of Samuel Pepys is available on amazon for 13.57 ... happy thxgiving ;)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Happy thanksgiving to u too! I'll be spending 1/2 of mine dealing w/ relatives and the other 1/2 wking :D

i agree with u 100% on the curse and outlet comparison....I have a pretty cheeky idea from the wildfires themselves the fires are too painful for me to wk on- but I have a brainwave that WILL wk! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Glad I could be of help :)

I hope u'll post your creativity on your blog ;)