February 20, 2009

Family pic- the Deols

Just found this pic while trolling online- aren't they all looking so adorable? (Even) Bobby looks sweet, though I wish Sunny had shaved and cut that hair- but Dharam looks completly huggable. And Abhay looks scarily like him from the b&w days.


Nicki said...

Aaaww, Abhay looks so freaking adorable! Gosh, I can't stress how much he looks like his uncle instead of his cousins!

Nicki said...

I forgot to ask you...who is the guy on your banner? I don't recognize him and he looks good!

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Nicki: Its a lovely pic. That's Alyy Khan, who has done a lot of TV and theatre, and some cinema, including "Luck by Chance"- he is soooo handsome! :)